Tuesday, October 13, 2015

6 Secrets To Make Your Teen Parenting Relationships Work

Your child approaching adolescence - about 12-13 years - you will experience some changes in him. He will probably be out of the house more often and want to keep your privacy. Other times, he probably will not listen to you do not do what you ask him.

Many parents in the world found the same problem when dealing with their teenagers. Hope you do not get them. But if you do, do not worry! Keep reading to get a solution.

Just like when you were a teenager, you want to spend time with your friends and not with their parents or family, right? Your teen feel the same way, too. Make their own decisions is another important thing for him besides privacy.

Now, do you think your teen is out of control and never want to listen to you?

Do not give up! Of course you can help yourself deal with your teen. The best way to do that is to always strengthen your relationship with him. But how?

Here is the solution:

1. Talk to him anymore-it's better if you start a conversation. It can only "how was your day, buddy?" Trying to discuss a lot of things not interrogate him. Find a topic of interest, such as sports, entertainment, friends, and school experience to make it relaxing.

2. Listen to him-if he expresses his criticism to you, listen to him and asked what he expects you to do. Discuss this wisely, not emotionally. It is better for him to be able to express feelings.

3. Regulation her-teens you need to recognize what is and is not acceptable and what the consequences of misbehavior. Therefore you should be set, or rather, to negotiate some rules with your teen to keep him on track.

4. note the viewpoint assume your teen as your friend and respect his opinion whenever you discuss something. It also shows that you pay attention to him and regard it as important.

5. Encourage your teenager to do his interests and talents-most teenagers want to try new things. Letting you choose what he wants, even if you do not agree with that because, for example, it can be dangerous. Gave her support is the best you can do, while you continue to monitor the new activity Congratulations to him. Moreover, this idea is a good way to teach your teen about how to be responsible with the things he did.

6. Do things together - this one definitely is a great opportunity for you to improve your relationship with your teen. Why? Because you may not have much time to spend time with him. Set the agenda for a full month. Each week, make a plan that appeals to you and him and get a good result at the end of it.

Still on the last point above, think of interesting activities that you both can be done together. For example, in the first week, playing video games together on Saturday, while in the second the next day you can go bowling or swimming at the beach.

Then, in the weeks that followed, arrange a weekend of fun by doing this: after breakfast in the coffee shop popular that make your teen's favorite food and drink, will be fishing, going to movies, camping, or visit the college where your teen look forward to joining in the future.

Reassuring, warm and positive communication without underestimate your teen is the key to a successful relationship between the two. Obviously it will not work as well. Try the tips progressively and enjoy your time to be a parent of a teenager.

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