Sunday, October 11, 2015

7 Easy Ways To Teach Your Child To Be Grateful For What They Have

Here are some easy ways to incorporate instill the virtue of gratitude to your children. When you go through your day, show them, extraordinary events that happen behind the scenes that most of us usually take for granted.

1. Set a good example.

It is better if you teach them to use the right words at the right moment alone. How many parents have you seen saying "Thank you" to two or three children. It is through the example that children learn best, and teach gratitude is no different than anything else in it. "Children learn what they live!"

2. Festive through role play.

You can play games with your children who apply the virtue of gratitude. Playing both seat and practice show them how it feels to be on the receiving end of an unexpected, "Thank you!"

3. Teach by showing them how to serve others.

Even simple things like holding the door for the elderly, small way we can show them how others respect us and our actions. It is also a way to put a smile and a lift to the stranger, which always creates a good feeling in people who do good as well.
You would be surprised how many times a simple gesture like this can happen in your normal day activities, in places like the grocery store, doctor's office, or shopping trips.

4. Make a list.

An easy way to get them to make a list of what they are grateful is to use the "Daily Journal software gratitude" you will find a link to the software is in the resource box at the end of this article. There are two versions, one written in "kid language and displays the output of the" children's letters "and the adult version as well.

5. Festive Thanksgiving while going without it.

I have just a single family of three children and myself had to deal with a full 24 hours without power. This outage caused by the wind storm, is an ideal opportunity for me to teach them what we should be grateful that we usually take for granted. Simple things such as, lights, heat, and being able to watch TV, it's just a few that quickly come to mind.

6. Show them how to be grateful for the small things in life.

As in the previous examples, though, most of us would not consider heat and light the little things, they are things that are always there for our children, so they are simple things that they usually do not pay much attention too ,

Another simple example could include; have food to eat all the time, friends to play with, and have lots of toys and school supplies. They show examples of children of third world countries go without these things is the way to teach them respect for what they have, too.

7. Teach them to see the goodness of someone they do not like.

You can even use negative experiences to teach them the value of gratitude. When I think of this, what immediately comes to my mind is the Walt Disney movie, "Pollyanna" in which he plays a game of "Happy" and find many things to be grateful for in every situation he encounters. The rented videos, watch and discuss with them will be great thanksgiving, the build quality family time activities.

When you go through your day, show them, extraordinary events that happen behind the scenes that most of us usually take for granted. Things like the police, who protect us, the firefighters are there for those who need them, and the clerk at the grocery store to do his job to help us get our food. Simple thank you comment for all daily activities is the easiest way to award a role model that they will learn and emulate.

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