Monday, October 12, 2015

7 Tips Safety For School Children

Traveling to and from school is often not very safe. However, there are some simple rules that can help to make school trips safer, ensuring peace of mind for both children and parents.

1. Waiting for the school bus in the morning, while traffic was busiest, requires a degree of common sense. Trying to have a safe place for children to wait in the street and weighing 65.

2. Do not let children move close to the school bus until it has come to a complete stop and the driver has signaled that it is safe to board.

3. At the end of the school day when children leave the bus, teach your child to move away from the vehicle at least a dozen major step to the point where the driver can clearly see them. This helps drivers make the child safe and well.

4. Teach your child to keep a close eye on all the traffic near the school bus. Law has some special protection measures for school buses, but car drivers are only human, and they can and often make mistakes.

5. If your child walks to school, make sure he wears a reflective material. Aiming to make them as visible as possible to all drivers. This will help to avoid accidents.

6. If a child riding a bike to school, ordered them to walk the bike through the intersection, observe all traffic signal lights and wear reflective material. They also must be with a friend if possible as one can help to look out for others.

7. If you bring your own child to school in your car, always have a seat with a seat belt on, children younger in a booster seat with a seat belt on children, and the children are very small in special safety seats, all sit in the back with just you, the driver, in front.

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