Friday, October 30, 2015

"Safety First" Tips For Water Fun

There may be some better way to spend a hot day than on the beach, lake, Water Park or swimming pool, but in the middle of all the fun and games are very important to put safety first.

Learn to swim and safe in and around water are important survival skills. Accidents occur only take a few seconds, but they often can be prevented by making sure you love follow simple water safety guidelines.

• Ensure that children are supervised by an adult at all times.

• No one, not even adults, should ever swim alone.

• Prepared in an emergency by learning rescue, first aid and CPR techniques.

• Always have a first aid kit complete, phone, emergency numbers and sunscreen close at hand.

• Follow the rules posted in any water environment.

• Pool backyard should have posted rules, ring buoy and security fences with self-closing doors and childproof locks.

• If you have an above ground swimming pool, secure and lock the steps or remove them completely when not in use.

• Recognizing the depth of water, the slope and any underwater obstructions before diving. Never dive in water less than nine feet deep.

• Children should use US Coast Guard-approved jacket. Avoiding inflatable toys including armbands or "swimmiest" -they can be dangerous, giving a false sense of confidence.

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