Friday, November 6, 2015

10 Birthday Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Everyone likes a special gift on their birthday: especially our kids! I have compiled a list of 10 memorable gifts you can gift your children on their birthday without breaking the bank.

Art supplies: almost all kids enjoy crayons, markers, stickers, colored pencils, gel pens, special papers and scissors, sidewalk chalk, water colors, homemade rubber stamps, "how to draw" books calligraphy instructions, or origami instructions and paper colored. Art supply gift not only encourages children to use their imagination, but this could be an extra treat when you spend time with them using them.

Books are always great gifts for all ages: you can get music or books aloud to small children, short stories for preschoolers, adventure books for children aged 9-11 years, and so on: there is a book for every taste. You can also buy books on your child's interests, books on careers, etc.

Classic movies, which never go out of style, great for when friends come over, or on the day when they are bored and nothing else can help.

For older children, the tool kit will be great: give them the opportunity to work side by side with the father, and maybe learn life skills.

For teenage girls, beads can mean hours of fun. Purchase a variety of colors and shapes and watch your little princess enjoy hours of happiness.

For gourmand give a roll of sugar cookie dough from the grocery store, along with a few cookie cutters and rolling pin. Again, this would be great fun for the little one to make, and share with friends and family.

For nature lovers, gardening kit with a few small pots filled with potting soil, some seeds and a plastic watering can provide hours of fun, while caring for the plants and watch them grow.

Disposable cameras will add impetus to the party. If your budget allows, add a small picture album and you instantly create beautiful memories birthday.

A basket of fun: find cheap baskets or other containers, may buckets for the kids and fill it with things that are fun, inexpensive. For example, silly putty, water pistol, a deck of cards, sidewalk chalk, etc. For kids, you can add some small cars and girls, throw in some hair accessories. Finish it off with some candy or a pez dispenser and you have a fun gift. If you find some fun, small things that most kids think neat, took a group so that every time you have a stock of goods to mix and match for a birthday.

Children need attention from the important people in their lives, (mother, father, grandparents, aunts, older siblings). Give the child a special gift of time: all day you complete with lunch, movies, and shopping for the gift of their choice.

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