Saturday, November 7, 2015

10 Commandments of Parenting

Here are the commands that the wisest ever ordered the parents:

1. You will be consistent. Do as you say you will. Children know where they stand when you are consistent, follow through and mean what you say.

2. You should expect children to contribute (without pay). Expect children to help at home but do not expect them to do gracefully over time. Here are questions to ask yourself from time to time: what your children are doing that others depend on?

3. You have to encourage regular and continuous. Remember that encouragement and praise will get kids away from criticism and punishment so be giving your child the best spirit than his fierce critic. Encouragement to help children self-esteem link to the process, not the result of what they do.

4. Purge responsibilities in place. Treating children and young people like you want them. If you want to be responsible, the children were able to then treat them as though they are responsible. The best way to develop responsibility is to give it to children.

5. You will know that children and only see one side of every issue. Bring everything they say with a large grain of salt. Not that children and young people lie, but they have been known to exaggerate or see facts only from their side.

6. You should show love and affection to your children. You say you love each of your children at least once a day. Knowing they are loveable is the foundation of self-worth, regardless of their age.

7. You will catch the children and young people were well behaved. Pay attention to your children positive behavior more than their negative behavior. What you focus on expands so if you focus on positive behavior that is what you usually get. Provide feedback descriptive so that your children know what they are doing well. For example, "it was great the way you two work out the problems watching TV without debate. You are both compromised little is smart."

8. You should develop independence in children of age early as possible. Never regularly do for a child what he can do for himself. Remember, your job is to make ourselves redundant.

9. Thee thou set limits and boundaries for children and hope that they will push against them. Children and young people in need limits and boundaries because they make them feel safe.

10. You shall hold a sense of humor when dealing with children. This will help you keep things in perspective. It might have seemed impossible a few days but they will soon grow up and out of your hair and will live, breathe your reflection.

Command 11 (and most important):

You will be a good role model for your children. Show rather than tell children and young people how you want them to communicate, behave and live. Children learn what they live and, as a parent, your actions speak louder than your words.


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