Saturday, November 14, 2015

21 Reasons To Send A Child A Greeting Card

When was the last time you saw the child's face light and glow because they got a piece of mail with their name on it? Children are happy to get mail. My children, even at 10 years old, walked to the door and asked if they got an e-mail every day. He does not even matter if the junk mail. They just want to get something with their names on it. Of course, that means that a lot more if there are special reasons for mail.

Sending letters or greeting cards is a good way to foster a love of communication and writing in children. In our society, instant messages, text messages and short emails have all but killed the art of good communication. Studies show that the more children read, they are intelligent. However, it can often be difficult to get some children to read due to lack of interest. I am sure there are no children around it will not be interested in reading a card or a letter addressed to them from someone they care about. And, of course, if a child is raised to expect that letters and greeting cards are regular events, they are more likely to become better communicators themselves.

So take some time and send greeting cards child in your life. Here are just a few reasons that you can use to send greeting cards for children that you know and help to make their day that much brighter.

1. They got an A on a test or report card. Make the joy of doing well last just a little longer.
2. They say, "Please".
3. This is a birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc...
4. They were well behaved.
5. They do something special for someone (even if it's not you). It helps to develop good qualities when they get feedback as to what they are doing.
6. They help with dinner.
7. Just to say, "I appreciate you". Do they really know how valuable they are to you?
8. They say, "Thank you".
9. Just to say, "You’re special".
10. They did a great job on their task. Reward for good work to encourage more of the same.
11. Because you have never seen them and want them to know you miss them.
12. Say thank you to my ... (son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend, etc. ...).
13. They make the roll of honor.
14. They help in the yard.
15. Remind them of an interesting event to come.
16. Reminds them of a neat experience you had together.
17. Tell them something special about yourself.
18. Tell them something special about someone you both know.
19. Sharing a joke that you just heard.
20. They take home a warm fuzzy note from the teacher.
21. Just to say you love them. Do you really need another reason than that?

Will you take just a few minutes from your busy schedule today to foster the emotional and mental development of a child in your life? I know I will.

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